Finance & Accounting Services

Your life sciences companies is 100% focused on the science - as you should be!  Your cash is used for research, development, and sales. The finance, accounting and administration side of your business often lags behind - until  it is needed. 

Consider engaging the services of an on-demand CFO/financial controller to provide a cost-effective solution of only the services you need when you need them. 

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On-demand CFO

You may not need a full-time financial resource. We can provide a finance resource as and when needed. You only pay for what you need and use.  Engage a financial professional on an hourly or project-basis.

Budgeting & Planning

Kick-start your budgeting, planning and financial reporting needs so you can confidently "talk numbers" with existing and potential investors, team members and other stakeholders. 

Think Financials, Think PowerPoint

Need some PowerPoint slides that "tell your story?" Going on a roadshow to potential investors and need to explain where your company will be in one, two or five years time? We can translate your science ambitions into revenue and cash flow speak.