MedMarketing success


In MedMarketing, it's all about your brand. Sure, we have extensive experience and expertise across therapeutic areas, multiple US and global launches and 25 years of industry know-how. 

But we are only interested in how that can be leveraged for you.  So let us show you how we can:

  • Innovate
  • Educate
  • Anticipate
  • Elevate

Case Study #1 - INNOVATE

Post launch product in a crowded market was looking for more impact and reach.  BoomCom  created a scientific microsite which hosts live online programs (scheduled by the field), on-demand content, and downloadable PPT.  The results? More traffic, returning HCPs and use of the content in multiple teaching programs.

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Case Study #2 - EDUCATE

Rare disease group wanted to better engage physicians in identifying disease in a 

complex diagnostic algorithm.  BoomCom created an interactive piece, used on ipads, congresses, HCP meetings to explore the diagnostic journey, based on HCP selections.  Based on a real-world case study, the literature-based content reviewed presentation, labs, imaging and genetic testing to reach the ultimate diagnosis.

Can this work for you?


BoomCom created a broadcast launch event to highlight new data for an established product.  The event featured experts and was offered onsite, through a live feed to over 27 venues in the US and streaming across the world .  Over 640 HCPs attended and the content has been repurposed to extend the impact.  Does your launch plan have this kind of WOW?